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We believe in being well and doing well – together

What we do

As a boutique, strategic advisory company, we work with spas, wellness facilities, hospitality companies, communities, investors, developers and tourism destinations. We are current, creative, critical and visionary thinkers and every project energizes us.

Our wellness philosophy is simple – fully embracing the adventure of life. There is no one single prescription. A person’s well being can come from a focus on physical health and a love of movement or on emotional wellness and a deep appreciation for the creative arts and music. It can include an intention to live soulfully – on purpose and often with a spiritual connection to families, communities and nature. We work with our client’s to find wellness approaches and combinations that are customized perfectly for their project.

Deep Wellness Industry Expertise

A deep and global perspective with over 30 years’ experience in hospitality and wellness across more than 20 countries.

Concept Creativity

We love to collaborate with partners and teams to develop innovative ideas and solutions to bring our clients vision to life. The most challenging problems bring out the best of our curiosity and creativity.

Business Acumen

We believe in successful businesses – not just in being well but doing well. We understand what it takes as seasoned operators of hotels and spas.

Who We Are

Anne McCall Wilson is the principle behind McCall & Wilson. She is a 30+ year wellness, hospitality and marketing leader.  She is known as a creative innovator, a savvy business operator with the ability to bring brands and businesses to life.

Anne has experience in over 20 countries, has built luxury spa brands and concepts, worked on the development of 80 spa or wellness projects and been responsible for the operations of over 35 large spas.

Anne has a strong background in marketing including tourism destination and hospitality leadership.  She has led destination marketing for Canada and global tourism communications for the Province of Ontario.   She has been a successful Hotel General Manager hired to reposition the property and animate and amplify the brand.

Her industry involvement has included Chair of the Toronto Hotel Association, Vice Chair of the Metro Toronto Visitor and Convention Bureau and Vice Chair of the Toronto Entertainment District Business Improvement Area.  She was a founding Board Member for the Global Wellness Summit and was the Summit’s Chair in Bali.

Her wide range of interests has included environmental design since her degree in Geography and an early career on the Environmental Studies and Tourism Development team for an international consulting firm.

Anne is a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner graduating from the Four Winds Society.  Becoming a modern Shaman has expanded her knowledge of wellness beyond the physical and into the metaphysical.

Anne lives in South Carolina and enjoys a low country lifestyle … and occasionally takes time to play golf.

With the Dahli Lama

Meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama


A break from the Global Wellness Summit, Italy

Ananda Climb

Hiking Northern India

I thought they servced vodka

Traditional banya experience - Sochi, Russia

Global Resources

While every client works directly with our Principal and Founder, we will bring in specialists from our global network to be part of the project team and contribute to successful ventures.

Brain Candy is a global marketing strategy consultancy. They identify market opportunities that others do not see possible. They have helped global clients connect meaningfully with the right customers in the right markets at the right time. Brain Candy leverages data to provide a holistic understanding of key opportunities for success.

Under a Tree is a wellness consulting company specializing in projects from health care to transformational health to functional and integrative medicine.  They provide outside the box concepts, design and programming.

McCall & Wilson acts as a lead consultant for their projects from time to time.

PoE Arts and Culture
PoE Advisory and PoE Arts
Anne is a wellness and hospitality expert within this global, creative network of a wide range of senior trusted advisors in hospitality, lifestyle brands, arts and culture.
www.poeadvisory.com and www.poeartsandculture.com


Our ideas flow from vision to viability

We uncover emerging opportunities, add energy and imagination to brands and create business road maps for the future


Our curiosity and a thirst for discovery offers a unique insight.

We have a deep understanding of wellness and hospitality globally and continue to discover emerging patterns to turn into possibilities. We are curious about what guests need to take charge and be their own guides to lasting wellbeing. We discover and uncover what they need to experience life at its fullest.


  • Insight reviews – market, customer, brand
  • Trends Evaluations – identify opportunity gaps
  • Market pulse and competitive analysis
  • Road maps to shape or sharpen direction


Our imagination and collaborative approaches spark creativity.

We create inspired experiences unique to each project – always ensuring that the guest experience stays with them long after they leave.    We collaborate with operators, brand chiefs, design teams, owners, and investors to maximize a project’s experience per square foot.   We imagine or re-imagine the energy of the space, place, purpose, program, and people.


  • Concept and design direction
  • Brand story development and articulation
  • Program and Services development
  • Technical services and space allocation

Under the Mayan moon, Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Mayakoba

Project - Hilton Worldwide Operational Standards


We believe in sustainability for the planet and your business.

We bring purpose and projects to life – profitably.  For us, sustainability isn’t just an environmental goal but, also a business one.  Longevity isn’t just about healthy bodies but healthy businesses.    Revenue development, operational excellence and talent selection are critical components to ensuring that ideas and projects come to life and remain successfully energized.


  • Revenue development plans
  • Pre-opening plans, menu and standards development
  • Guest satisfaction and experience reviews
  • Financial feasibility assessments


Engaging speaker and facilitator

Anne is a thought leader in the wellness and hospitality industries. She is available for a range of topics including trends, navigating a changing wellness landscape, benefits of a stewardship approach for people and places, the emerging trend of energy medicine and innovative thinking for wellness business and brands. Her presentations and workshops are fun and impactful.

Anne always earns top scores for facilitation and presentation at our Global Spa & Wellness Summits.   She brings out new ideas, challenges thinking and engages participation – something that our delegates always appreciate.  She is a gifted presenter and moderator and makes all of her sessions a lot of fun. ” – Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO,  Global Spa & Wellness Summit

For more information contact Anne at anne@mccallwilson.com
or use the contact from below.

Contact Me


Great companies AND Great projects

We love to work with companies and people inspiring us to live well – to feel our best, to play more, to savor nature, and experience the world and live with gusto!

Anne is a visionary thinker and passionate brander. She drove the development of several successful spa concepts that are now global in scope and was instrumental in positioning important hotels throughout our portfolio.


Thanks for the insights and creativity you brought to all of our projects this year. The global operating standards are ready to roll out and will provide global consistency. Your guidance on the design narrative for global spas helped translate creativity into something that will work operationally.

Wellness Start Up

You provided important and valuable strategic advice, creative concept development and communications advice during the challenging development of our exciting new concept in wellness clubs. Thank you for all of your support.

Business Leadership

Anne has one of the world’s strongest spa business minds.  She pioneered systematic benchmarking, developed spa business and revenue management tools and training, and created strong analytics to guide success - all the while building a team of skilled business managers rather than just spa operators.


Kajima Design

Anne’s decisions are quick, precise and based on her solid, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, from recent developments, overall concept all the way to the day-to-day workings… her ability to address conflicting interests in a fair and convincing manner contributed greatly.
Hir Hirohisa Hemmi, Architect - Kajima Design, Tokyo

Fort Capital Partners

Anne assisted us with work on Four Seasons Fort Lauderdale and she would be a valuable asset to any project.  I give my highest recommendation and would provide any references. 
Jay Khoriaty, Design and Architecture, Fort Capital Partners, Miami

Anne was one of the first executives in the Spa industry to recognize the potential profits that spas could generate if they were run like a business.  In developing Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, (FRHI) spa business, Anne combined her extensive operations experience with her creativity and deep knowledge of the industry to create one of the leading spa brands in the world- both in terms of profitability and the guest experience.

Thought Currents Blog


By the river - where my best thoughts show up. I take in the current as it changes with the tides, gaze at the shifting light and watch in delight as the rising water brings in the feasting dolphins and then empties to oyster beds clicking their own tune. My thoughts turn to the many rhythms of life - often colorful, sometimes grey and soft, with chaotic vibrations that turn quiet in the dark and the full moon highs and those muted lows. The tides of life flow - changing often and I am so grateful.


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