A Case for Stewardship

Stewardship is about taking care of the things we love AND it is that love of the land, our communities and ourselves that creates any lasting change.   Stewardship – an approach for well-being for life!

So much of what we hear on the news or conversations we have about the environment and many issues are fear based.    I have grown very weary of the acrimony.    We are told to “listen to science” but science isn’t absolute and can change.    I remember as a geography major in the 70’s, the science was very certain about a coming ice age due to carbon emissions.     I have to admit it made me a bit skeptical of doom and gloom and politics around climate change BUT while science may change, a deep love and appreciation for nature and the land does not.   I am a big advocate of teaching our children to love, be curious and respect the trees, rivers, fresh air, gardens and frogs rather than teaching them to be a climate warrior.   Love is what lasts.

Stewardship principles can be applied to more than nature.   We can be stewards of life and take care of ourselves, our families and our many communities as well as the earth.

A few thoughts about “Stewardship for Life” principles:

  1. We take care of the things we love
  2. Living with love, wonder and appreciation creates lasting change
  3. Self-care is health care
  4. Being more is more important than doing more – appreciating the power of pause between the ebb and flow of life
  5. Building understanding is more important than building an argument

I am pledging to love more and to be a better steward of nature and life.