Energy Medicine

Rainbow Mountain in Cusco Region of Peru. It is found on the route to the Sacred Mountain – Apu Ausangate

Why Energy Medicine?

You can’t push a river.   Be the river and enjoy the flow 

What if you could step into every day – energized and fully embracing life, with amazing health and happiness?   So many of us are caught up in the stress of  going to work, paying bills and striving very hard trying to make things happen for ourselves and families.   What if there was more to life than doing or just an easier path?

What would it be like to be in life’s flow – enjoying the ebbs and flows of the river’s current.

What is Energy Medicine?

Science is now proving what many ancient cultures have long known.   We are electromagnetic energy beings.  This invisible life force affects every cell and helps us digest food, breath, prevent disease and predisposes us to the conditions we have inherited.   This bio-electric language creates a luminous energy field within and around us is like our own software informing our DNA. We can change this software and empower ourselves to create exceptional health by making energetic, emotional, nutritional and lifestyle interventions.

Energy medicine is about taking care of our vital energy – shedding emotional baggage and habits that no longer serve us and creating our new map for the journey to intentionally live our soul’s desire. Energy medicine is a healing practice and part of the growing field of functional and integrative medicine practices.

Sacred Mountain - Apu Ausangante

Western medicine is about curing and often fixing something physical… like a mechanic does.   And really, who doesn’t need a great mechanic?  BUT energy medicine is much more than the absence of disease and even more than physical health.   It is about living the unique expression of who we are – completely present and fully empowered to create our dreams and live them. Energy medicine lives outside the realms of the mind and taps into the realms of the sacred and mythic. It goes beyond the physical and sensual, reaching into the soul, connecting with spirit and expanding our consciousness.

Integrating Energy Medicine into projects

Energy Medicine can be integrated into the experience of wellbeing through services, ceremony and even design. It partners well with projects that integrate nature and culture sustainably. It animates and brings spirit to rewilding design.

Energy Medicine Sessions

Our Principle, Anne McCall Wilson graduated from the Four Winds Society as a certified energy medicine practitioner – a modern Shaman. Anne offers individual energy sessions either in person or remotely.

What to expect from an energy healing session?

Energy healing sessions focus on restoring your energy field to maintain your health and joy.    When our energy field is depleted through illness, stress, emotional baggage, or environmental pollutants, we can experience immune system deficiencies and suffer dis-ease.

Sessions are tailored to each person’s needs at that time and can be conducted remotely or in person.

Sessions all include:

  1. Holding Space:   We start with deep listening to uncover or find clarity on intentions or stuck energy but this is an energy session and not a therapy one.
  2. Energy Work:  While laying on a treatment table fully clothed with guidance on breathing, a chakra clearing and rebalancing is done.   This is often in total silence.
  3. Guidance:   Through various techniques we identify patterns or limiting beliefs getting in the way of your highest good and health.
  4. New map creation:  During closing, there will be some homework assigned to assist in integrating any clearing or discoveries.
  5. Each session will vary depending on what guidance is given or what needs present and may include:   illumination, soul retrieval, energetic cord cutting or energy extractions and flight or fight response resetting.

After a session, most people say that they feel relaxed and a sense of calm.   Some gain clarity around an issue and others find guidance in a new direction.   Some sense a change immediately and others take more time.