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Wellness in a PC (Post Coronavirus) world

While spas may not be a current hotel priority, a concern for customer well-being certainly must be. As reopening starts, will brands and properties have the capacity, talent or capability to adapt their spas?  What changing expectations will guests have?... Read More


Stewardship is about taking care of the things we love AND it is that love of the land, our communities and ourselves that creates any lasting change.   Stewardship - an approach for well-being for life!... Read More

Become Cleanliness Covid-gilantes

Pandemics may have replaced terrorism as our largest security threat.  We now see the world as both dangerous AND dirty.  What does that mean for the world of wellness?  At minimum, hyper vigilance on cleanliness.... Read More

Do you color outside the lines?

I was coloring recently with 4 year old Emma.  I encouraged her to stay within the lines.  She looked up at me, asking “Why do I have to stay in the lines?  I like pink and it looks good all... Read More

Earn Customer loyalty in three steps

Go retro!  The dizzying pace of messages, emails, Instagram, zoom and all social media -all on multiple devices and emails – presents a huge opportunity for marketers to incorporate the total opposite and go with a more personal touch.  This... Read More

What’s Current? Four ingredients for success

This blog concept started when a friend suggested the word “current” for our consulting business.   This simple homonym crystallized things I believe create a successful business.   Current is up to date; a pulse of electricity or spark; and a strong... Read More